Cans of Comfort

The Can of Comfort™ is an immediate expression of support for victims of violent crime and their families. Through a partnership with police officers, EMTs, hospital trauma teams, and other community support agencies, it is given out at the scene of the crime or immediately afterwards. 

This quart-size can of candy contains a 96-Hour Survival guide™ with critical first steps to take, tips to help them through the trauma, agencies to contact, and a link to our website.  It also includes a personal letter from Circle The Wagons Founder, Vickie Walker, offering encouragement and hope. 

Salt Lake City law enforcement officials have endorsed the program as an important means for getting information to victims. We are currently working with agencies across the country to bring Cans of Comfort to more communities. To learn how you can bring the program to your area, email .

You Can Help

A gift of $50.00 will underwrite the cost of providing seven Cans of Comfort™ to violent crime survivors and their families. This simple donation will go a long way in offering the support, resources and hope so necessary for healing.

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