Our Story

Circle The Wagons is a Utah-based, 501(c)(3) organization born out of necessity. It was founded by Vickie Walker, whose husband was shot and killed during the “Trolley Square Shooting” in Salt Lake City on February 12, 2007. Her son, A.J., was seriously injured but miraculously survived.

The incredible support of family and friends who circled the wagons around Vickie and her family ultimately helped them find the courage to move forward after such a violent event.  But while trying to deal with funeral arrangements, medical care for her gravely injured son, insurance questions and unexpected loss of income, Vickie found herself trying to navigate through the victims services system with little guidance and no professional support. Only later did she learn that there are organizations and government agencies that could have offered her assistance–had she only known about them.

Vickie’s goal is to provide guidance and support for those facing the same situation in the difficult days following a violent crime. Her hope is that by sharing the knowledge she gained though her own experience, she can help other victims and their families.